Now money can be talked about a lot but one thing I’m going to be talking about how much money is in the world. if you want to count how much there is Canadian to seconds it would take you 117164.074391 years.

How one man developed a 'money blueprint' system to get out of debt

There is currently $3694886250000 Canadian in the world that is known in 2022. if the money was given out to everyone equally will be about $461 that’s not too much. Some people have lots of money and others have nothing.

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Last little thing I want to say about money is what happens when you make a dollar in the legal way. Does the government get fined a dollar or what. well, here is a link to a money converter if you’re wondering how a us dollar and a Canadian dollar change. Currency Converter – Bank of Canada

This is a no longer made $2 bill in Canada.

25 Years Later, Canada's $2 Bill Could Now Be Worth $20K

Gas Prices

This year is weird for gas prices they were normal one day and now at about $2! if you didn’t know that is high and I will know be explaining why they are high. For the little kids over about $1.70 is high.

Now the reason gas prices are high is that there are refinery outages and there are demand of crude oil. there was a problem though, there wasn’t enough crude oil so now they had to charge more.

U.S. Gas Prices Are Skyrocketing—How Much Worse Will It Get?
These are America prices

The reason they charge more is because the gas company’s need to buy it for more. The company’s then will sell it for more so they don’t lose too much money. These company’s for example.

Top 10 Oil And Gas Companies In The World | The World Biggest Oil and Gas  Industry - YouTube

now if you want to see all the gas prices around Canada here’s the link.

Spring 2022

I live in a place where it gets wet or dry. So its either hot and humid or cold then wet. My house hasn’t been so lucky to be saved. Spring 2022 was the flooding round.

I wish it was drought but spring is known for water.

The thing I woke up from was my mother telling me the drive way was flooded. I thought no big deal, yeah it was a big deal and I was forced in little boots to check our workshop. I think you can guess what happened.

Wait you can’t well it’s also flooded and I was heading back I fell. Luckily only my leg went in and I went to the house. Guess what my whole leg was frozen and felt numb. If you think this was bad it got worse the basement got flooded and the alarm went off. Everything in the basement was fine.

These are what my house looked like during spring 2022

This is the end of my blog if you want to learn more here is a link about floods.

Floods (

Having a cat in the house.

I only had 4 cats inside my house in my entire life. the reason is, because my mom has a allergy to cats. the names of my cats are Hank, cookies and cream, opra ,o-purr-a. Then doctor Phil. Hank

cookies and cream.


Dr. Phil

These cats were my favorite thing to do when I got home from daycare. I would watch them play fight or snuggle them. But they were given away when my mom’s allergy’s got worse. We had my cat hank about a year later and he was nice.

Later he was a outside cat but then was taken by my dad’s friend. this was around 2016 and the cats 2015 I think. I don’t know if the other 3 are alive but I doubt it. I do still miss them and I can see Hank a few times.

That is my story of my indoor cats. if you want to see more about cats go to this link:

20 Amazing Facts About Cats (